Thursday, April 16, 2009

Side A : My Pre-Valentine Concert

Loveless Valentine's Day was in my way. I might not have someone special that day but FYI! My photobuddies loves me! :) It was raining hard but nothing can stop us from going to Ayala. hehehe On the other hand, Harvey was hired to do some shoots in The Terraces. Wow! Extra income there Harvz! Generous enough, he treated us for pizza... (Miss, mao ni inyong large? Mura manig dili large.) hehehe It was a night to remember.
Free pizza, Free concert! It was no ordinary concert. It was S
ide A's concert. My first concert shoot! :) Being able to take pictures of a very famous band really felt good. Enjoying their music while people at our back were shouting, dancing and singing. I was able to meet one cool couple too. Ahia Choui and Achi Chai. :) Thanks Diego Martyr, Popsi Bong, Bertz, and Harvey for being my valentine. :)

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