Wednesday, August 26, 2009


n shoot with Christinne Jhoy
Locale: Carreta Cemetery
Hair &
Makeup: Katrina Faith Melig
Assitants: Rand
ulf Acedera & Norton Umali
Co-Photographer: Harvey Enrile

Venue was one of our biggest problem for
the concept. Public Cemeteries are scary
and dangerous. You know why.
No need to mention. :)
So glad everything turned out great.
Thanks to all! :) Enjoy!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Side A : My Pre-Valentine Concert

Loveless Valentine's Day was in my way. I might not have someone special that day but FYI! My photobuddies loves me! :) It was raining hard but nothing can stop us from going to Ayala. hehehe On the other hand, Harvey was hired to do some shoots in The Terraces. Wow! Extra income there Harvz! Generous enough, he treated us for pizza... (Miss, mao ni inyong large? Mura manig dili large.) hehehe It was a night to remember.
Free pizza, Free concert! It was no ordinary concert. It was S
ide A's concert. My first concert shoot! :) Being able to take pictures of a very famous band really felt good. Enjoying their music while people at our back were shouting, dancing and singing. I was able to meet one cool couple too. Ahia Choui and Achi Chai. :) Thanks Diego Martyr, Popsi Bong, Bertz, and Harvey for being my valentine. :)

Photobuddies gone

Photobuddies :
dj-dark, bertz, tsaitzen, jedd, bong, harvz, p-chan, makatawasi

Our small team consist of Fafi Sid, Popsi Bong, Diego Martyr, Jedd, Me, Bertobertz, P-chan and Harvey (not in the picture). We used to hangout and shoot together. They are my photobuddies. As time passes by, things changed. Fafi Sid went back to Manila, Diego Martyr is unreachable, Bertobertz upgraded, P-chan and I are in a cold war, Popsi Bong is out of sight, Harvey is hanging out with us more often and finally, Jedd is somewhat totally over with something personal... hehehe

Eventually, our group grew bigger and bigger. Meet our new photobuddies and join us in Met my new cool friends in this forum. This is not a photography club but all of us here loves photography. We shoot here, there and everywhere. More likely, we're like a family. We just don't shoot all the time. We sometimes hangout and just plainly talk. I won't be able to stay here in Cebu for long but I'm just glad that I was able to meet these people along my way. :)






Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Chinese Ala Korean

Lua Tioung Chwan
Model: John Patrikh Comahig

A busted suitor tends to become your close friend or your worst enemy right? This fine lad used to be my suitor but ended up being my best childhood friend. Strong bonding like ours is inseparable. No matter what happens, we're always there to help each other. :)

This guy is good looking and a cert
ified chick magnet. But the only question my mind is asking is that... "HOW COME YOU'RE STILL SINGLE?" hehehe He is very hard to convince but with my super charming power, I was able to make him say "YES". :) hehehe

Holy Week Boredom

Model: Sophia Inez Songalia

One boring Holy Week! It was Good Friday but I was just home and the crowd were off to Bantayan for this event or somewhere else with their families. It's not Good Friday, it's Good Flyday for them. hehehe I've decided to kill my time by taking my cousin's photos. Luckily, my photobuddy Louise was also bored! We've decided to have a photoshoot of Sophie and sad to say, Fort San Pedro was closed.

Brilliant brains of ours automatically decided a cemetery s
hoot. hehehe
Glamour + Cemetery = Glamourtery!
Now you know
where we got the title! :)

My first strobbist attempt

Sibling Rivalry
Models: Monique and Paula Balankig

I'm not a real photographer but I like to take pictures. I mean... I love taking pictures.
I used to take landscapes and seascap
es but I've decided to widen my knowledge about photography. Taking pictures of models was never my intention or within my interest. But I think I'm loving it after taking some of my cousin's pictures. hehehe

Fashion or Glamour photography is very challenging. It took me time to learn it.
Well, until now I'm still learning. All I need is my camera and my model. :) hehehe